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Are you looking for new teaching ideas? Feeling like your lessons could use a refresh? Need teacher-ready resources to match the new curriculum? At your fingertips, TeachBC is online 24/7 to help you discover resources that are useful right away. Get published by uploading your own original resources. Or you can even build, modify, and reorganize this shared knowledge and then consider re-uploading it onto TeachBC. It is a quick and collaborative way to engage in professional development online.

Created to help teachers find teaching materials and research relevant to the BC K-12 curriculum, TeachBC is the BCTF’s resource-sharing website and online teaching database. Search the menus by subject, grade, or type of resource, and download free of charge.

Sample what’s on the TeachBC smorgasbord!

Aboriginal education:

Secret of the Dance – Unit for smartboard use (Grades 1-4)

Math First Peoples – Hunting (Grade 9)

Bannock – Unit plan (Grades 5-7)

Gord Downie’s Secret Path Activities (Grades 4 -7)

The Learning Circle – Guide for teachers (Grades 7-9)

Aboriginal Education Activities (Grades K-7)

Claire et son grand-père – Bilingue (Grades 2-8)

A travers le regard de Mala (Grades 3-9)

Applied skills, design, and technologies

Web Coding Unit (Grades 9-12)

Applied Skills Integrated with Other Curricular Areas Using First Nations Content

Mystery Skype/Skype Mystère

English language arts

The Danger of a Single Story (Grades 7-12)

Writing Response to Documentary Films (Grades 8-11)

Medium.com – explore online writing and publish student writing online (Grades 10-12)

Social Justice Vocabulary (Grades 8-12)

Physical and health education

Instructional Samples for Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity in Physical and Health Education (Grades K-9)

Introducing the Gender Rainbow – Gender diversity (Grades K-4)

Learning About Our Bodies (Grades K-1)

Fine arts

Gender Self-Portrait (Grades 5-7)

Dance Conditioning lesson plan (Grades 8-12)

Métis Sash Weaving (Grades 3-12)

Various Drama Lesson Plans (Grades 5-12)


Cat Math (Grades 4-6)

Factors and Multiples Puzzle (Grades 7-9)

Graphing linear equations-painting between the lines (Grade 10)

Design Thinking in Math & ADST (Grades K-3)

The Math and Science of Fast Food (Grades 6-8)

Geometry terms bingo (Grades 6-9)


Climate Change Science: An Updated Resource with Canadian and Global Impacts (Grades 7-12)

Master of Disaster (Grade 6)

Sky, Water, Earth – Career preparation (Grades 11-12)

Grade 2 Earth and Space Kit Teacher Guide

Grade 7 Physics Kit Teacher Guide

Kindergarten Chemistry Teacher Guide

Social studies

The Great Depression (Grades 11-12)

Historical Thinking (Grades 6-12)

Forced to Leave, Learning about Refugees (Grades 6-10)

Multi-media resources about humanitarian topics (Grades 6-adult)

Indigenous and Settler VLog Assignment (Grades 6-adult)

Japanese Canadian Internment lesson plans (Grades 5-6)

The Stormbringers WW1 and Duty, Valour, Sacrifice WW2 simulations (Grades 8-adult)

Personnalités autochtones engages (Grades 10-12) 


Pop Music Inquiry Project for Modern Languages for French, Spanish, Immersion, etc. (Grades 6-Adult)

Le conditionnel/Le futur simple (Grades 10-12)

Jeu des sept familles sur les pays francophones (Grades 5-adult)

L’île tropicale/Tropical Island Unit (Grades 5-7) 

This article was written by Henry Lee and was originally published in the November/December 2017 edition of Teacher magazine.

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