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Legislative committee recommends improvements to education funding

Every year, a committee of MLAs from all parties in BC’s Legislative Assembly travels the province collecting recommendations for the provincial government. This year, the committee has made several sweeping recommendations to improve education funding, both on the operating side and the capital side. The recommendations include several specific points raised in the BCTF’s submission to the MLAs….


New BC Throne Speech a refreshing change

After 15 years of unconstitutional legislation, cuts to services for students, and school closures, the new BC government delivered a Throne Speech that is a big step in the right direction. That was the response of BCTF President Glen Hansman after hearing the Lieutenant Governor’s address to the Legislative Assembly. “The last 15 years have…


Government restores funding to adult education

After a two-year fight, adult educators and students celebrated the restoration of funding for tuition-free adult education as one of the new government’s first actions in office. I know so many Punjabi elders who wanted to achieve basic adult education but couldn't afford it. Thank you, @jjhorgan. #bced #betterbc — Manveer Singh (@manveerssihota) August 9,…

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